Sunday, January 31, 2010

God's Creation Calls to You

I'm really not exactly sure why I started this blog in the first place ... you know... just kind of 'felt' like it was something maybe God was calling me to do ... My parents don't believe that God 'calls' people to do stuff ... and they are supposedly 'Christians' but who am I to judge?  My dad was trying to finish his degree and become an ordained minister in the Methodist Church .. and he never believed that God had 'called' him to do that ... he just said that it was something good to do ... and in his opinion God 'calls' everyone to think about being a minister .... I happen to totally disagree with my parents' way of thinking ... And I just think that much of the people in American churches today ... most adults even ... most 'moral 'church going Americans ... well ... I believe that yes ... they would agree with my parents ... like just go to your job ... go to church  ... blend in with the crowd ... be a 'good' person ... don't make waves in society  ... and by all means DON'T talk about having a special relationship with God ... when we all know that this doesn't happen to 'normal' people in  the twentieth century ... and if you think that God might be calling you ... just wait for it to pass ... and then go back to the same mundane boring life that you had before ... In my parents' opinion ... God helps us but He does not talk to us ... God gives us guidelines but He does not personally 'guide' us ... and God so loved the world that He gave His only Son to die for our sins .... but apparently  ... according to my parents ... that was  a one time thing ... and if we expect God to help us out with our every little tiny insignificant problem ... then we have got another thing coming ...

I can still almost hear exactly how they would say these things like it was yesterday ....

I talked a little bit about how I've gone through experiences ... experiences that I think are an allegory that help me personally to understand more about God's love and His plan for my life and for all of us ... and I really have a feeling that I also may have gleaned some understanding that could either help and/or encourage other believers ... possibly even help some atheists to relate to my thought process before I found God ... and possibly help them to see that I am a person no better or worse than them ... and a person that hopefully they can relate to and be inspired by to take a chance on God.

After a previous blog where I talked about this feeling of starting this blog and not knowing exactly why ... I came to realize where my name Creation Chick really comes from ... you see ... my life as a little girl was in turmoil right from the start ... and I used to look up at the sky and KNOW that God existed ... some how I just KNEW!  It was like when I went outside .. He was there and He surrounded me and spoke to me ... through His CREATION!  and so ... maybe I do not know everything about Creation Science ... of course I don't  ... However I plan to learn all I can because I know that God has gifted me with both a passion and a talent for doing well in science  ... and though yes ... Ken Ham could of course explain everything better and know all the answers better than me ... any day of the week ... I still want to be the Creation Chick ... because I want to show young people my age who have grown up in the kind of evolution centered environment that I have ... that there is a way to be a Creationist and still survive in this society ... so many of my friends did not agree ... and they went over to evolution's side because they did not want to be argumentative, etc .... and therefor we get all the theistic evolution that runs rampant in our American churches today .... I say ... of course I don't want to be argumentative ... but why should I say the square is blue when I can clearly see that it is red? ... you know ... it's like everything in my mind and my gut is telling me that evolution is totally messed up ... but people don't want to be argumentative we just say 'yah sure you betcha to any new idea that comes along' it's sad really ... but that's what we've come to here in America ...

So back to Creation Chick ... the name ... well .. mostly it is what defines me ... my parents tried to define God for me ... and then God came and spoke to me through His Creation ... and so the reality of the situation is that without Creation .... I WOULD NOT BE SAVED TODAY .... and I KNOW that if God did not Create the world  ... then my faith is NOTHING ... just as if Jesus did not die on the cross and rise again on the third day ... my faith is NOTHING ... Because God is perfect ... EVERYTHING He said in His WORD MUST BE TRUE ... if anyone tries to alter these truths ... they are altering their definition of God ....

I must also note that when I was a little girl my only answer to skeptics in school was that I knew that God's WORD was correct no matter WHAT it said ... and so I had no reason to even THINK about believing in evolution ... because
      THE STAGES OF EVOLUTION are INCONSISTENT WITH WITH THE STAGES OF CREATION in the BIBLE ... and so even as a girl in grade-school I knew that evolution was a lie ...

What is so weird is that have trusted God by faith  ... and somehow ... there is ALWAYS EVIDENCE THAT COMES OUT IN CREATION'S FAVOR . . .   even when it's found by the evolutionists... why?   because it's the real deal, baby  ... that's why!  because creation is the truth. ... that's why ..

People are constantly coming up with new theories about the origin of life ... but does God's Word change on the subject?   Do we revise it to suit the social climate of the times?      Of course not ... the Bible still talks about 'Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden, the six days of Creation and the calling of Abraham just as it has done for thousands of years ... Yes ... our liberal churches change their interpretations of the text... but the text remains for those who will have the will to read what God is actually telling them no matter what the social climate may be around them ...

And so  ... I just want Creation Chick to symbolize a girl who just looked up at the sky ... at the heavens one day and just KNEW that God was there... and so ... I have so much hope for the world through God's Creation ... because no matter WHERE YOU LIVE or WHO YOU LIVE WITH or HOW YOU WERE BROUGHT UP ... ANYONE ... anyone... ANYONE AT ALL ... can look up at the sky and see God's Creation ... for me it was the beginning to my eternal salvation in Jesus Christ ...

No matter who you are ... God Loves You ... God created you ... God can speak to you wherever you are ... just like He spoke to me.  God is very real and QUITE alive and involved in the world and even in your own life ... even before you know who He is.

I didn't get to everything I was going to talk about ... but I'll end it here ... and leave the rest for another day.

God Bless You all!
May God Bless You with Abundant Life today and Always!

- Your Friend
-Creation Chick

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year 2010!

Many of you do not know this . . .  but I am married . . .  I was married young and I am still the age of many college students . . .  but marriage and living in the real world has taught me more than I ever learned from school.  I really believe that I have a distinct and unique perspective on life in America and the Christian culture here . . . .  because I believe I have been on both sides of the fence . . . in a way.  I have been on the skeptical side of the fence for many years . . .  I have been on the doubting side of the fence . . .  I have been on the moral and "sophisticated" side of the fence . . . or more like 'moral and successful' side . . . . I have been on the side of the street where girls and boys grow up in gangs and with the only they  . . . and even I could seem to get back at the world was to lash out with words . .  or with raw emotional physical destruction . . . . but nothing can ever really take the pain away from not only having no family  . . .  but also growing up in a violent, abusive, and many times life threatening environment . . . . .  and  . . . I have also grown up with the thought that I did not understand why it was so hard to believe in God . . . or wondering what it was even like to have a spiritual renewal experience of my very own. 

Well sometimes things happen . . .  and GOD happens  . . . when you least expect it  . . .  and just like as in the story with the footprints . . .  you suddenly look back  . .  and you are amazed at the wonders God has performed in your life when you didn't even realize it.

AT this time  . . . right after Christmas  . . . and the new year 2010 already begun . . .  I think about all my Atheistic friends . . .  I think about my emotionally torn past . . .  and I think about my parents . . . not even knowing if they are even saved . . . I worry more than anything about whether I can help the people closest to me to learn about Jesus and be saved . . .  I mean who knows? . . .  The second coming could be any day now . . . . and STILL people come to my site just to mock me . . .  Seriously I am more saddened for them than for any personal attacks they make towards me.  Nothing can be worse than Hell . . . nothing . . . .

And at this time . . .  I also have doubts . . . like what am I even doing anymore . . .  where my life is going . . .  so many times I have even asked myself if I am kidding myself about this 'God thing'  knowing that my parents told me themselves they thought I was crazy . . .

It's weird that the one thing that makes MY life complete . . . is the one thing that separates me from the majority of people on the planet . . .  the majority of whom are not Christians . . . do not take the question of the afterlife seriously, do not think about consequences or purpose to what is going on in their lives at this exact moment  . . .  All they can think about is how their life choices will effect their personal comfort . . .  and THAT is what is accepted in society right now . . . and I'm sure has been accepted for a long long time . . . .

The holidays are very rough on me . . . so I ask that anyone reading this would PLEASE keep me in prayer . . . I am not good at asking this to people face to face right now . . . So I will leave it in God's hands . . . that whoever reads this post and decides to pray for me . . . . I'm sure that is just the right person I need to pray for me . . . .

You see . . .  my marriage to a believing and professing Christian has caused a rift between me and my former friends and family . . .  and it has saved me from an abusive environment . . .  Somehow . . .I believe that whether or not I am able to help close this rift  . .  the least I can do is try to help close the rift between Christians and Atheists here in America and around the world . ..  especially those that I relate to  . . . those who still have the most hope and window of opportunity to come to understand each other . . .  the youth of our generation.

And so I can only pray that someone will reach my own family and friends . ..  but at the moment I cannot . .  and I am not emotionally able to . . .  It has been killing me inside . . . But I'm going to have to leave it in God's hands . .  and perhaps I will help reach someone reach a member of someone else's family that no one else could reach.

The reason I believe so strongly in talking about Creation Science . . .  is because . .  Science is like a god to this world to Secularists and Atheists . . .  and science is something people know to be good and helpful . . .  science is something people can relate to . . .  If we can take this jumping off point and run with it . . .  just like Paul did with the 'unknown god' with the Greeks . ..  perhaps we can reach some people with the truth that has saved us . . . the Saving faith in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thoughts on Christmas

I've been thinking about Christmas . . .  Thinking about God, Thinking about the too-good-to-be-true  miracle of Jesus Christ, God's only son becoming flesh and walking among us . .  to show us how to live, to relate to our struggles, to show us how to love, and to inevitably die for our sins hung tortured on a cross . .  with nails through His wrists and feet, and pieces of His flesh on His back ripped apart by flogging . . .  pieces of His soul and His dignity,  any His psychological strength and will being ripped away from Him as He was mocked, insulted, lied about, misunderstood, not accepted . . .  and He was PERFECT.  Jesus lived the perfect life.  How horrible and sad He must have felt to know that no matter what He did . .  . people rejected Him . .  how horrible for the world . . that even when someone who was completely good . . . even then a person not go through this life without pain because the world really doesn't like good, kindness, or love, but the world is influenced with deception and evil . . .  the world rejects truth, the world rejects light, and the world rejects the salvation that was given through the blood of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior! Praise Be His Name!

I say "Merry Christmas" to people when I am working (retail) because I believe it is a friendly greeting . .  and in some way . .  I am wishing that even if they do not celebrate Christmas I wish them a good life . .  and a good day on Christmas.  My secret best wish for them at Christmas, however, is that they find real true happiness for this life and in the next . . . and of course the only way this is possible is if they find Jesus  :  )  So I feel I must say Merry Christmas . . it is the least I can do on Christmas.  So many people say "Happy Holidays" but I much prefer to say Merry Christmas . . . If my job had a problem with it then I would have to decide whether to keep saying it or not . .  or else perhaps worst case scenario- lose my job . ..  but as things stand I am not in that predicament . . .  I have been before but am not at this moment . .  and so I choose to say "Merry Christmas" . . .  because every time I say "Merry Christmas" I feel free . .  and every time I have tried to bring myself to say the politically correct "Happy Holidays" I feel like a piece of my soul has died and I feel defeated.  But when I say "Merry Christmas", I feel like I am free to express myself as part of God's Creation!  I know that I am created by God, and so my purpose in life is to give Him glory.

Some may feel that the 'Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas' controversy should not be a controversy at all . .  but I do not mean to make it a controversy . . . I just mean to express my true nature as a creation of God . . .  just as with being a Creationist, I do not mean to cause controversy  . . .  but I am more afraid of creating controversy between myself and my God . . than "creating controversy" between myself and just people.  God is God and people are just people . . just part of His Creation . .  and so I will say "Merry Christmas" because I can . .  and because it makes me happy to . .  just like it makes me happy to talk about Creation Science . .

I love God and it is in my created nature to say "Merry Christmas" and in some way when I say it . . .  it is like an invite and a blessing to all those who hear it . . so that maybe . . just maybe . .  when they do hear it . . . they will think . .  hmm . . . I wonder what this thing called "Christmas" is all about? . . . and if they would find out the meaning . . . they will find life . . .  eternal life in Jesus Christ . . .  - and THAT is the meaning of Christmas.

And so  . . . though it may even feel like Spiritual Warfare just to get the words out our mouths, "Merry Christmas" I would risk anything to say it . . .  because no matter what job or status I have in this world . . . it is all NOTHING if I cannot acknowledge my Creator especially on the day He gave Himself to us to save my soul and the souls of the whole world.  And so, whatever job or organizations or status or responsibilities I have in the rest of my life . . . I hope to NEVER stop saying "MERRY CHRISTMAS!"

Merry Christmas to you all!  May God Bless You Abundantly,

-The Creation Chick

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Hi There . . Creation chick here . . . I just wanted to let everyone know . . thanks for supporting me and friending . . subscribing to me . . etc . . . it's actually been a really good outlet for me to get some of my thoughts out there and share with people who have common ideals as me . . . I really have been encouraged by how many God fearing Christians are in there twenties or around that generation . . just like me . . we really need to stick together . . because we are really going to determine what happens next in this country . . in the world . . in history . . etc . . . I just wanted to give you a little personal insight into my life . . and I know I may be shooting myself in the foot . . . because yes . . . there are always people who take advantage of people who put themselves out there or share personal details . . . I really made the Creation Chick . . so that no one would know who I was . . and I could really say what I thought . . for real . . not just pressured into it . . you see I've had trying times in my life . . . much of it is not easy to understand . . and much of it is not easy to understand even for me . . . which is interesting that people go through things that they do not understand . . well . . I'm one of them . . just like everyone else . . I don't have all the answers for everything . . I have genuine fears . . and I have times that I just simply can't make it anymore . . . that's when God has come in to my life . . but recently . . I have felt that God has been being 'a little tough' on me . . as I have been saying to friends, family, and counselors along the way . . I feel like God is encouraging me to be strong and confident . . . and not have to feel like I am going to die and the world is going to end and I am going to get fired . . etc . . etc . . etc . . every time I lose my keys . . He is trying to help me to have peace in myself and . . of course . . to not lose my keys so much . . hee hee . . . but peace in myself . . wow! that's something that I could go on and on and on and on about . . . I really think that's one of the true reasons that we are put on earth . . to find ourselves . . to find peace with ourselves . . . some try to find it IN ourselves . . but the reality . . the real truth of the matter . . . is that . . . we can only find peace with and for ourselves . . only in Jesus Christ . . . this is something that is difficult to accept .. . because by our very nature as human beings we want to do things ourselves . . . I'm telling you right now . . I have yelled, screamed, cried . . argued with and tried to disobey God . . when He has been showing me something that I need to be doing . . and I am scared to death . . because I am afraid that He is wrong . . that He doesn't understand quite all the angles of the situation . . that He doesn't understand my feelings . . that He doesn't understand my limit of stress or my limit to what I can do at this point in my life . . .that He doesn't understand that I can't afford to lose friends or money right now . . just so I can take a chance yet again on an invisible Harvey-like pal . . who yes . . has always been there for me . . but it has always been on faith . . and what about when my faith is shaky . . and what about the fact that I am secretly scared to death that this might be the one time that He's going to let me down . . . forget about me . .. or be high and mighty . . not care about me . . why should he? . . . I'll admit . . it's difficult . . but can I honestly say that God has EVER let me down about ANYTHING? . . . no . . . He hasn't . . . and that's difficult to say . . because humans are used to being in control . . . and the fact that God always knows best and has NEVER EVER MESSED UP on ANYTHING at all! the fact that He NEVER has a hidden motive like people usually do . . the fact that He NEVER tries to be nice to us . . until the moment of weakness . . and then totally change and use us and take advantage of us for everything we are . . . the fact that he NEVER will even ignore us . . EVEN IF WE KEEP BEING ANNOYING AND PRAYING ABOUT LOST KEYS LIKE 10 TIMES A DAY! . . . I mean seriously .. If God helped me find my keys every time I prayed because I was an emotional wreck trying to find my way around my lonely apartment with No ties to family or friends or any kind of sense of direction or where to turn next . . being constantly plagued by flashbacks . . post-traumatic stress . . feelings of guilt . . shame . . hurt . . insecurity . . fear . . hoplessness . . restlessness . . . suicidal thoughts . . . extreme thoughts of anger toward people who hurt me . . and everyone who stood around and let it happen . . . WHICH WAS EVERYONE in my book . . because NO ONE DID ANYTHING TO HELP ME . . so that means . . EVERYONE let it happen . . . and in my eyes . . I had condemned the whole world . . no chance of love or friendship . . caring . . or anything that involved trust and sharing between people . . . get an apartment all alone . . . go to a job where I don't ever talk to a living soul . . and wait to die . . that was my goal . . and I mean I was a Christian . . the weird thing . . is that I really want to talk about everything that happened to me . . . but if I did . . I wouldn't be about to be sane for work tomorrow . . so I can't right now . . . so please don't guess at what happened or if you know . . don't comment . . please . . it would be too difficult for me to take emotionally . . what I'm saying is that I'm not better than anyone else . . but I'm certainly no less than anyone else either . . and I'm going to state my opinion just the same as everyone else has a right to state there's . . . but what I'm saying is that God has given me new life . . . I have joy now . . where there was none before . . I can sit alone without thinking terrible negative thoughts about myself . . I can relax . . I can relate to actual human beings . . people that I don't even know say I'm sweet or funny . .or kind or whatever . . the reality is that that is the love and the mercy of Jesus showing through me . . I am nothing without Him . . and I have never been anything without Him . . I just thought I was . . before I started to learn about the REAL reason for living . . it's almost like a mystery that has to be unfolded to us because . . this was not the original way things were supposed to be! you know? . . . people who say that there shouldn't be so much pain and suffering in the world . . and that the world seems like the fittest survive and that only the strong and mean get ahead . . . well they are right! . . that is the way the world is going . . and if you look at how the world is going . . you might even think for a second that yes . . perhaps the tragic and uneventful reality is that there never was a purpose for life . . and that all the stories of love . . honor . . bravery . . hope . . purpose . . .kindness gentleness . . . extreme courage . . loyalty and goodness .. . perhaps these ideals . . are just all a mistake and a figment of our imagination . . right? . . . WRONG! we are created by God! He is our Creator, Redeemer, and our Friend . . . and we live in a fallen world! it's like the original connection with the Creator has been lost and we have forgotten our mission here on earth . . in the mean time . . we have gone on having our families and our lives . . but we have forgotten we have a mission! a mission to fulfill! and that mission is to constantly look to our true commander in chief - God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit . . and constantly look to God for direction, guidance, hope, strength, encouragement, will, faith, and EVERYTHING WE NEED TO carry our the smallest tasks . . and to carry out the most awesome and unbelievable missions in His name!

Well .. . please pray for me .. . .I 'm going through some stuff that I can't handle . . . and I really need comfort and support from others . . . unfortunately . . what I'm going through is so personal and painful that I really can't bring myself to talk about it . .. but at least I acknowledged there is something there . . . God Bless You All,

- Creation Chick

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Hi there . . . I'm going to start with this . . . I'm not going to got into full details about my life . . but I do want to share a little bit about myself . . just in case people might relate to me . . . or in case people are wondering if I am really a real person . . . not just a character on the web . . . So . . I am trying to present as many facets of myself to you as possible . . . without . . of course giving away where I live or details about my family and things of that sort . . . Anyhooooooo . . ..

So . . . Yes, I admit it . . I did grow up in church . . . so yes, technically yes, I would have been open to the idea of God from the moment I was born . . . Many atheists believe that Christians are just brought up with the idea of God and suddenly somehow accept it . . . . even though . . yes we all have to make a commitment to Christ, yes . . however . . . I know that many people generally believe what their parents believe . . if their parents are Jewish . . people are generally Jewish, if their parents are Protestant or Catholic, people are generally Protestant or Catholic, respectfully. And of course . . if people's parents are atheistic, worldly, skeptical, rich, poor . . pretty much ANYTHING . . . Yes! it's seems that the kids end up following suite much of the time. HOWEVER . . . . we have to remember that this is most of the time . .. . What makes someone question what they believe? What makes someone know that what their parents believe is true? What makes someone even care? What makes someone think it even matters to find out what is true? . . . . well these are things that some people have asked themselves for centuries . . . . . . . but in today's culture it seems like the next new pair of shoes is more important than the fate of our souls in relationship to the universe, if we even have souls, as some question.

But back to me . . . so the earliest knowledge of God that I can remember was my mom telling me that she loved me and that more importantly . . . God loved me . . . . I don't remember how old I was, but i was definitely being held in her arms and tiny . . definitely younger than three years old . . . This is the earliest memory of my life that I have . . . and I believe that I remembered this for a reason . .. not only this . . but my mother must have been saying this to me over and over . . so that I would know! My mom was pretty cool . . . but there have been some pretty hard times between she and I . . . . . which is one of the reasons that I know God is real, because God has been with me whether I was in good or bad situations . . . and whether I was doing the right or wrong thing even . . . once you accept the free gift of God's Salvation for your own . . . He will never let you go! Never! NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO!

When I had issues with my parents and I was on my own for the first time in my own apartment . . . somehow I realized that this whole "faith thing" was all me now . . . couldn't say . . . .yah . . 'this is the church my parents go to' or whatever . . . . it was up to me now! Was I going to follow God faithfully no matter what the circumstances? Was I going to make the effort to go to church without having my mom and dad drag me out of bed? Was God going to be real for me? I was even thinking to myself, what would God show me? Is He even really there? . . . . . Yah Baby . . . Yah . . HE WAS THERE and IS HERE WITH ME in everything I do, in every breath I breath, in every moment of my life. I remember telling my Dad on the phone . . . . "God is with me! even now" I remember that still small voice, as I looked behind me to the car that contained everything I had . . . and seeing a Bible, saying "I am with you"

I remember God speaking to my heart when I was deciding whether or not to go to a prestigious school, warning me to not go or I would become like my grandmother . . who was proud and cruel. I knew her type . . . and I didn't want to be like that but I didn't care . . . I was too hurt to think about other people . . . I wanted a life for me . . . and then I remembered God's promise to take care of His flock and all of His Children. I decided against going for the prestigious scholarship at the upperclass school even though it was what I had always wanted. . . being made fun of for wearing stained clothes to school . . I woud have loved nothing more but to prove to the world that it was my circumstances they were laughing at, not me, besides that the scholarship was what everyone expected me to take . . . . But like in many cases, faith in God appears foolish to the world, and I was called foolish by many people . . . instructors friends, family, etc . . . . all because I didn't believe God was calling me to go there . . . . Just because maybe I believed God would call me to the right path . . . Just because . .. maybe I believed God was real . . . and continue to believe . . . But Paul says in the scriptures that God "uses the foolish things of this world to shame the wise" and so . . . I still believe that my choice will be shown to be what was best for me . . . I am happily married now . . . and without the Lord's guiding perhaps I would still be alone to this day . . . You see . . . . The Lord helps us to see that there are things that are more important than Careers or Education or Business or Fame or Fortune or
anything in this world that people think is the bees knees. God has to be FIRST! and all the other needs in your life will 'be added unto you' . . . something my grandfather always said . . . . well . . .

that's about all the typing I have in me today . . . . . . . on the outside . . . following God may look crazy to some . . . but the peace that He gives us in our hearts is what people can't see . . . . and it is worth more than a thousand lifetimes of worldly pleasure!

Thanks for your time . . . . . - May God Bless You All!

-The Creation Chick

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Commitment to Jesus - Salvation at 5 years

I accepted Jesus Christ when I was 5 years old, and immediately, I began to see a change in my life. The Lord Jesus is my Hero, my Savior, and my Knight in Shining Armour. He Created me, and He came into the world to die for all of our sins, including mine. He died for your sins, too and I encourage you to view my story and decide if you, too would like to make a personal commitment to Jesus Christ. But, count the cost before you start, because the road to heaven is straight and narrow.

God Bless You All,

- The Creation Chick